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Airfix New Tool F4f Wildcat Build

Posted on April 11, 2018 with 0 comments
This commission build for a multiple repeat customer can be seen in the photo gallery group. This kit is highly detailed, both, interior and exterior, compared to most kits of its scale. Well placed cockpit parts. Very nice engraved panel lines and a canopy that is easy to mask with painter's tape. I always start a build by pre-painting interior parts and a few things such as props, guns and exhaust pipes, followed by an acrylic and soap wash and dry brushing, which helps with the speed of my work. As far as consturction, the parts fit good and I did just a bit of seam filling with super glue between the fuselage halves. Since super glue is clear, the pre-paint pictures make it seem that the gaps are still there - they are not and passed my ever critical fingernail scrape test. In my professional haste, though, lol, I forgot to build and attach the landing gear before I closed the fuselage halves, which is planely shown in the instructions. No worries. With a bit of "ship-in-a-bottle" [...]
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Posted on September 7, 2015 with 0 comments

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